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Art deco design interiors explained

by Lynne Hagopian, Realtor® 05/30/2022

Art deco interior design has been popular for over 100 years and is still trendy today. If you're interested in learning more about this style and what makes it special, there are some key elements to understand. Here is a basic guide to art deco and how to use it in your own home:


Patterns and motifs are essential to art deco style. Some common motifs include zigzag patterns, chevron patterns, step patterns, sunbursts, trapezoids, triangles and parallel lines. Geometric and linear designs are characteristic of this style and emulate the symbolized technological and industrial advances of the era of its origin.


Art deco design is also defined by certain specific materials. Gold and steel accents in furniture, art and architecture are particularly common. Some other categories of materials include upscale fabrics, like velvet, high-shine metallics, like chrome, and expensive materials, like marble and ebony. When used together, these materials communicate the appreciation for luxurious surroundings.


Along with gold and silver accents, black is another staple of the art deco style. However, art deco interior design uses plenty of bold colors like wine red, emerald green and royal blue. Softer colors also appear in interiors such as beiges and cream shades, but are always accented by contrasting black or chrome. While some favor a more neutral palette, art deco rooms typically make use of at least one bold pop of color.


Lighting is another area where art deco style can be applied to interiors. Light fixtures with dramatic shades made of etched glass, shiny chrome or fan shapes are common. However, lighting with aerodynamic, modern silhouettes is essential to making an art deco room complete. Opt for simple shapes in luxurious finishes, with pattern and embellishment reserved for shades and sconces.

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